www.PoultryArk.net is an extension of my Keeping Chickens Newsletter (which is available to subscribe to here) and features the poultry ark plans which have been used by many of my newsletter subscribers in the building of their garden chickens coop. The poultry ark plans sold on this site are available for instant download in pdf format and can be viewed and printed from your computer using the free adobe acrobat reader software which is likely to already be on your computer, but is also freely available from the adobe.com website. The term ‘plans’ is subjective and in this instance refers to several pages of text, together with a few diagrams and photos which makes up the pdf booklet describing how to build the poultry ark with built-in run featured on this site. These poultry ark plans are not theoretical, they have been used to build many poultry arks and have been used as the basis for even more (some built poultry arks can be viewed on the poultry ark photos page). This Poultry Ark website and the Keeping Chickens Newsletter are provided ‘As Is’. This website and the Keeping Chickens Newsletter have been produced with my best efforts and intentions. The information in the newsletter and on this site has been collated from experiences and research but should not be construed as veterinary, or any other kind of professional advice – it is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Therefore, if you wish to apply ideas contained in this website and in the newsletter, you are taking full responsiblity for your own actions – always do your own due diligence first.